By Leila Sadeqi, Ph.D.

Literary critic

"The Birds I've Dreamed of" is a documentary film that, due to the network connection and intertwining of audio, linguistic and visual cues throughout the work, has led to the overlap of the various communication systems used and also due to the use of symbolic symbols in the narrative structure. It becomes a poetic work and can be considered as a poetic documentary. Since the main theme of the film is about performing a song called "Young Iran" or "My Homeland", the semantic domain of music, including musical notes, lines and songs that are played, is written on the semantic domain of people who live their lives as music in the process.

The stave, a set of five horizontal lines, on which the musical notes are written are the five main characters of the film that advance the music of the film or the main theme of the film, and these five characters are: Peyman Soltani (composer of the piece Young Iran), Ali Rahbari (conductor ), Nader Mashayekhi (former conductor of the Symphony Orchestra), Mona Matbouei (music student) and Behrooz Heshmat (sculptor and blacksmith).

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A reviw on "One of these days morning"

By Shahrnush Parsipur

Author and critic

"One of these days morning" is a collection of poems written by Hassan Solhjou and published by Saales publication. The poems are modern and practically weightless and rhyming. In this small book, no report of the poet's life has been given. The poet, however, gave this collection to his mother, which is "the essence of poetry."

[...] So the poet wanders somewhere in the middle of joy and sorrow. Is he an immigrant? The date of composition of most of these poems is related to the city of London. Of course, the book has been published in Iran, but the poems are from London. The poet is far from his homeland and expresses this in the midst of a state of joy and sorrow.

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