Film director and producer

Hassan Solhjou is an Iranian-British, who has been a successful filmmaker and senior producer at BBC for more than 20 years. For the past ten years, he has been producer, creator, writer and presenter of Aparat on BBC Persian, a popular TV show dedicated to analyze and criticize the documentaries and intellectual movies from Iran, Pakistan, Afghanistan and Tajikistan.

Solhjou has made more than 10 films, mainly documentaries in and out of Iran. Some of these films have brought him some awards from National and international film festivals.

Here is the list of some of his films:

  • Mullah's Daughter (2019)

  • Persian New Yorker Stories (2016)

  • Image Latent (2014)

  • Daddy's School (2013)

  • Simin resident of wandering island  (2012)

  • Throw a stone in to the water (2011)

  • The Birds I've dreamed of (2010)

  • In search of a healer (2007)

  • Fish talking ( 2006)

  • A Simple song of praising the sound (1992)  

  • The night season (1991)


  • Daddy's School: Best Documentary from Amsterdam Film Festival (2015)

  • Fish Talking : Best Film from New York International Short Film Festival (2008)

  • Selected film at International Film Festival of the Ibanez (1993)

  • Night Season:  winner of Crystal Leaf,  Best Director and Best Titrage from the 9th Tehran International Short Film Festival (1992)


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